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I was born on 25th April 1945 in Belgaum, a small village on the border of the states of Maharashtra and Karnataka States. I was lucky to have spent my childhood in idyllic, rural environment- a little house amidst hills, open fields, cattle grazing lazily and everything that one can imagine. So I have never really felt a want of a suitable subjects. These natural surroundings are an inseparable part of my mindscape, and it is not surprising that my paintings reflect this.
I was inclined towards drawing since childhood. It was in early 1960’s that I met my guru Shri K. B Kulkarni and I began a more serious study of art under his guidance, at Chitra Mandir in Belgaum. Thereafter I travelled to Pune, studied applied arts, where I realised that drawing and illustration was my forte. After completing my Bachelors Degree in Applied Arts from Sir J.J School of Art Mumbai, I came back to Pune and entered the academics field.
After having experience in academics field for more than  4 decades, I have seen many changes happening around me in the art and design field. Sketching became a routine and that is when drawing became an integral part of me. In 1992 I started my journey as an artist. A new beginning. 

Giving a dreamy aura to everyday elements without compromising on the harmony between them is something that I always try to achieve in my each artwork. I try to stay completely free from all the preconceived ideas, methods and isms of the art world and expresses myself through an art form of my own. I believe in the theory that change is vital for the birth of a new idea, which allows me to experiment with different styles and techniques.
Each artwork is a new perspective and a fresh start. 


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Solo Shows

- Balgandharva Art Gallery

  Pune in 1995

Jehangir Art Gallery

  Mumbai in 1995

- Taj Art Gallery

  Mumbai in 1998

Jehangir Art Gallery

  Mumbai in 1999

- Balgandharva Art Gallery

   Pune in 2003

- Jehangir Art Gallery

  Mumbai in 2003

- Jehangir Art Gallery

  Mumbai in 2011 

- Darpan Art Gallery

  Pune in 2012

- Jehangir Art Gallery

  Mumbai 2018

Art Gallery

   Pune 2020

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